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The Healthy Lifestyle Effects On Mortality

It should be no surprise that a healthy lifestyle can have an effect on how long you live. But the combined effects of healthy lifestyle behaviors have an even greater effect.

Seems logical. The evidence however, is becoming stronger and stronger.


A combination fo at least four healthy lifestyle factors reduces the chance of death by 66%.

Preventive Medicine

Volume 55, Issue 3, September 2012, Pages 163-170

The combined effects of healthy lifestyle behaviors on all cause mortality:

A systematic review and meta-analysis

Authors: Martin Loef, Harald Walach


- An individual with four healthy lifestyle factors compared to zero decreases their mortality risk by 66%.

- The most commonly agreed significant healthy lifestyle factors are:

​- Obesity

- Alcohol consumption

- Smoking

- Diet

- Physical activity

- Adequate sleep

- Even at ages 60-79 years old, a healthy lifestyle has a major impact on mortality.

- A healthy lifestyle behavior has shown to decrease the risk of chronic low back pain.

- For the years 2009–2012, economic cost due to smoking is estimated to be at least $300 billion a year. This cost includes nearly $170 billion in direct medical care for adults and more than $156 billion for lost productivity from premature death estimated from 2005 through 2009.

There really should never be someone who is considered "too healthy". Even if you reach what experts call the minimum standards of health, doing more makes you stronger. Being stronger increases your ability to fight off future disease and increases your chances of fighting off something that may not be lifestyle related.

From something like healing a broken bone, to better tolerating cancer treatment. Healthy choices matter. It will always make a difference.

Give yourself the best chance of being and staying healthy.

Choose health.

Imagine Health. Choose Health. Achieve Health.




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