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Workplace Wellness: The 10 Health Conditions Costing Business the Most

Are your employees costing you money? Healthy lifestyle choices and healthy habits can directly affect the bottom line for employers. All health conditions can be improved by healthy habits, some being more obvious than others.

According to employers, as surveyed by the International Foundation Of Employee Benefits, here are the top 10 conditions that are most costly for them to cover.

International Foundation Of Employee Benefit Plans, 2017


Top 10 Health Conditions Costing Employers the Most

1. Diabetes: 41%

2. Cancer: 33%

3. Arthritis/back/musculoskeletal: 32%

4. Obesity: 29%

5. Heart disease: 27%

6. Hypertension/high blood pressure: 26%

7. Depression/mental illness: 20%

8. High cholesterol: 11%

9. Smoking: 9%

10. High-risk pregnancy: 4%



- Get your employees involved in a wellness program that encourages disease management.

- Even better, get them involved in a wellness program that helps them prevent these health conditions in the first place.

Imagine Health. Choose Health. Achieve Health.

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