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Burnout Assessment


Burnout Score

Please read the following statements. Click the circle next to the number that best indicates the frequency which best corresponds to the statement. The numbers range from "0" (Never) on the left to "6" (Every Day) on the right. While this can help you determine the risk of burnout, it should not be used as a diagnostic tool, regardless of the results. The objective is to simply bring some awareness about potential risks to burnout.

There are 2 sections in this assessment and they will be scored separately. The individual question scores are not recorded anywhere, nor will they be shared with anyone. The overall score of each sections may be recorded if you choose to compare it with future scores.

Section 1

1. I feel emotionally drained by my work.




A few times per year


Once a month


A few times per month 


Once a week


A few times per week


Every day

2. Working with people all day long requires a great deal of effort.

3. I feel like my work is breaking me down

4. I feel frustrated by my work.

5. I feel I work too hard at my job.

6. It stresses me too much to work in direct contact with people.

7. I feel like I'm at the end of my rope.


Section 2

1. I feel I look at certain clients/coworkers/students impersonally, as if they are objects.

2. I feel tired when I get up in the morning and have to face another day at work.

3. I have the impression that my clients/coworkers/students make me responsible for some of their problems.

4. I am at the end of my patience at the end of my work day.

5. I am at the end of my patience at the end of my work day.

6. I have become more insensitive to people since I've been working.

7. I'm afraid that this job is making me uncaring.


To record these scores to be able to compare it to your scores in the future,

please enter and submit them here:



*Note: You must be a site member to record this to be able to compare it to future assessments.

An error occurred. Both scores must be entered and the must be between 0 and 42.


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