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Employee Health Management

Improving health, culture, productivity, and profits

"Every dollar invested...

yielded $6 in health care savings."

The American Journal of Cardiology

Richard Milani, Carl Lavie

Impact of Worksite Wellness Intervention on Cardiac Risk Factors and One-Year Health Care Costs


Let us do what we do best
Help employees 
Achieve Health
While you focus on what you do best
Help employees
Achieve Success


On-site/virtual employee course instruction.


On-site/virtual employee course instruction.

On-site/virtual Health Ambassador training.


On-site/virtual employee course instruction.

On-site/virtual Health Ambassador training.

On-site/virtual organizational evaluation and personalized advisement.

Individual, team, and organizational accountability.


Intensive Program add-on

Ongoing access to the entire program and instructional updates.

Regular on-site/virtual employee instruction.

Regular on-site/virtual Health Ambassador training. 

To Find Out How We Can Help You ACHIEVE SUCCESS:

Have a Meducos Certified Business Coach personally assess, develop, and implement your employee wellness program.  This program is completely customized to your business needs.  

Get access to specialized employee wellness strategy and tactics based on the latest research.

We use evidence based strategy and tactics to ensure you are seeing a return on your investment in your company Wellness Program.

Don't have an in-house Wellness Director? 

  One of our Meducos Certified Business Coaches can act as your company's own Wellness Director and report directly to your management.


Already have your own in-house Wellness Director? 

  We can work directly with them to ensure you and your employees are getting the most out of your commitment to a healthy company culture.

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