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6 Breaths in 60 Seconds
Get immediate stress relief with this breathing exercise. It is excellent for any situation where quick stress relief is needed, but also helpful to build stress resilience over time as part of a stress resilience training program.
Pre-Test Stress Relief Routine
Use this before a test, quiz, or any potentially stressful event. It combines multiple science backed techniques to activate the parasympathetic nervous system to balance harmful distress of the fight-or-flight stress response. Best results are seen when this is well practiced prior to the test or quiz. The more routine this becomes, the more likely it will reduce stress and anxiety.
Emotion Rapid Reset
To help self regulate emotions, use this in a real-time emotionally activated situation. It is designed for shifting from a highly activated state (leading to risky or unhealthy behavior) to a state of choosing a preferred behavior. For best results, practice this when emotions aren't activated so that it can become familiar and routine when needed.
Rapid Thought Reframing
When negative thoughts are present, use this tool to help reframe perspectives in a more objective and positive manner. This helps reduce anxious feelings and negative thoughts.