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Meducos Health Institute

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Expert Credibility |  Superior Value |  Business Success

Setting the highest standard in the coaching industry.

We all need help. 

Even those who want to help others.

"Research shows that those who work with a professional coach not only attain success in the goal areas which initially led them to seek a coach, but...find themselves enjoying positive changes in other areas of their life as well... in their relationships, wellness and other parts of their business or personal lives."

- Karen Tweedie, International Coach Federation (ICF) 

Program Offerings



     Become certified by the Meducos Health Institute as a Lifestyle Wellness Coach.  You'll be qualified and licensed to use The Meducos Method of coaching in your personal coaching practice. 



     Enjoy the benefits of specialty status for those coaches with a focused area of interest who are also looking to expand their personal reach and influence. 

MCS Program Offerings


     Live instruction with a master teacher delivered through a digital platform.  It's not just passing on information, it's coaching you through the processes that you will use to make your business thrive like never before. By the end of each course you'll already see a change in what you're doing. Be prepared for the work involved, and be prepared for the growth that you'll see. It's the way teaching should be done.

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Available Live Sessions

                                    STARTING     SESSION DAY & TIME

SOLD OUT                 Apr 18th           Thursdays 6:15 PM MST 

SOLD OUT                 May 15th           Wednesdays 11:30 AM MST