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Support for Educators

Evidence-based programs

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Educator Wellness
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Wellness Director Contracting



School/District Wellness Custom Culture

Educator Independent Study

This free option is self supported and uses independent study materials to help teachers improve their personal health and wellness. 

We want every teacher to minimally have access to critical knowledge and action plans so they can take care of themselves as they educate all of our children.

Building Stress Resilience Workshop

This option is great for schools who want a quick and effective way to get teachers started on the path to building the resilience needed to survive in today's education environment. It includes practical personal strategies as well as classroom tools and tactics.


3 hours of live instruction (in-person or virtual) for an unlimited number of participants.

Building Stress Resilience Guided Program

This 12 week guided program includes live initial and follow-up sessions. It uses the framework from the Building Resilience Workshop, but adds the power of on-going support and guidance. 

Peer and professional support helps the teachers optimize their personal growth allowing them to meet the growing demands of being a teacher.

Enrolled in groups of 25.

Building Stress Resilience Intensive Program

For those schools and districts that want to supercharge their teachers' wellness, this 12 week intensive program is the gold standard for improving teacher emotional wellness. 

Based on a gradual release model of coaching and instruction.

Personal and group coaching included.

Enrolled in groups of 25.


Building Stress Resilience

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Building Stress Resilience
Guided Wellness Program


Free Resources

FREE Initial Consultation

Free Employee Burnout Survey
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Educator Independent Study

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