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Evidence-based wellness done for you without the hassle.

  ✓ Improve Employee Wellness

✓ Reduce Employee Absenteeism

✓ Increase Corporate Profits


What's holding you back?

✕  Employee burnout

✕  Employee absenteeism

✕  Poor employee retention

✕  Ineffective wellness programs

Everything you need to optimize your employees' wellness

Illustrated Laptop
Evidence-based Design
Practical tools that can be used to optimize organizational and employee wellness.
Done-for-You Service
We do what we do best so you can do what you do best.
Digital Work Life
Your Success is Our Success
Services for every budget with no long term contracts required. If we aren't helping you help your employees, find someone else!

"Investing in building a culture of health will never be a bad decision. It is the right thing to do for the employee and for the business' viability over the long term."

Garrick Throckmorton

VP Organizational Development
Allegacy Federal Credit Union

"Employee health is integral to our company's vision, not just a perk for employees."

Chloe Rosenthal

Director of Human Resources
Honest Tea

"By really working hard at it, you can actually increase profits and business valuation...You can do that by valuing wellness."

Joseph Appelbaum

President and Founder
Potomac Companies, Inc.

Employers that have incorporated wellness programs

How it Works