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Your health and wellness career accelerates here

As a Lifestyle Wellness Practitioner Fellow you'll receive personal guidance and one-on-one mentoring on your path to having the most successful personal health and wellness business. It's the best way to become the health and wellness provider you've dreamed about. Guaranteed. And the best part? You won't pay a cent until you start making money.

Higher learning. Higher earning.

Designed for career success.

We don't get paid until you do, so we're in this together, from your first day and beyond.


Live instruction and 1:1 support

A rigorous program with live, online instruction, supervision,  and personal mentoring.


We help you find clients


We'll help you acquire clients, secure continuous sources of referrals, show you how to have the most success with clients in achieving their personal goals, and grow your business to heights you've only dreamed of.


Pay nothing until you make it


No loans, no debt, and you won't pay any program costs until we help you make money.

Why a fellowship? 


To be trusted by clients and the rest of the healthcare team is everything. How do you gain more trust? Be more credible. Having the support of an entire organization behind you gives you the foundation needed to build a successful business.​​

It sets you apart 


It's a competitive world out there. With over 100,000 coaches and more ​ completing school everyday, you have to find something that makes you different and stand out. Your Lifestyle Wellness Practitioner certificate will out you a step above the competition.

The perfect transition 

You may have learned what to do, but you were never shown how to do it. How do schools expect you to learn how to have a successful business? They have your money and honestly, you're no longer their problem. We are the perfect transition to help you bridge the gap from book smarts to business success.

Continued support

Your success is our success. With certification comes our commitment to you that we will continue to provide ongoing support as your business grows. Your continued learning and development is our highest priority.

A rigorous, intensive, interactive experience

  • Enhance your skills to be more effective

  • Personalized just for you

  • Learn and practice evidence-based techniques

  • Build your referral and client lists

  • Work daily with instructor

  • Continued access and support after certification


Answers to your questions

What is a fellowship?

A fellowship focuses on professional development with the purpose of helping you succeed. It is designed to have a much greater hands on experience which significantly increases learning and retention. In school you learn the what and why, but in a fellowship you'll additionally learn the how through modeling and guided practice. This personally guided distributed practice has been shown to be the quickest and most efficient way to learn.

Do I need prior experience?

Having some prior health and wellness, coaching experience, or schooling is highly recommended prior to entering a fellowship of this kind. It's designed to take knowledge and put it into a productive practice. If you're coming from a health coaching school, think of it as all the things you didn't learn about having your own health/wellness business. It's the transition step from your education to a thriving business.

What is a Lifestyle Wellness Practitioner?

Think coach, but bigger. Imagine being the health and wellness professional that plays the most critical role of your clients' health and wellness team. Lifestyle focused healthcare. No longer will your clients ask, "What can I take for this?", but will ask, "What can I DO for this?". It's the missing link in the world of healthcare. With this certification and experience, you'll be qualified to help your personal clients make the lifestyle changes necessary to become the physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually healthy individuals they desire. 

How long before I make money?

You'll start making money with your first client. Depending on your level of experience coming into the program, this can be as soon as the first month. The goal is to get you seeing clients as quickly as possible. This is a fellowship, where learning is mostly hands on. Much of your learning will be with guided practice with real clients.

How much can I make?

This is completely dependent upon how much time and effort you put in to income generating services with your clients. Practitioners can range from as low as $26,000 yearly if done part-time up to over $110,000 yearly for those who do this full-time and correctly. Even more is possible for those who can leverage themselves creatively. Many in the industry currently struggle with finding regular sources of clients. We'll teach you creative ways to overcome this roadblock.

How long and how intensive is the program?

Certification takes 12 months. It is designed for those who want to focus on establishing/growing their personal health and wellness business. It's a career, not a job. It doesn't mean it can't be done part time, because this type of career lends itself well to those who want to fit other things into their lives. The fellowship is a hands on experience and your success will depend upon your level of commitment and dedication. Time with your fellowship instructor will vary from week to week, but will range from 2 - 10 hours. This will decrease over the course of the year.

How much will it cost me?

We know that you've probably already spent a lot of money on prior schooling that hasn't really gotten you to where you want to be financially. For this reason, we wanted to make sure that money was not the limiting factor in choosing to enroll in this incredible opportunity. 


This is why we've chosen an innovative model to finance this portion of your professional development. It's called an Income Share Agreement (ISA). Upon enrolling in the program, you'll agree to share a percentage of the revenue you make while in the program.


So how much will it cost you? Zero down, and we only get paid if we do our job well. Think of it not as a cost, but as an investment. How does that sound?

What will I be learning?

The primary focus is on how to get clients to change behavior, so behavior design is the critical core of what you'll learn. Learn this and your clients can do anything.  There is less focus on the specific health and wellness issues as this should commonly be directed by their physician. You'll learn how to develop relationships with physicians so that you can become part of the healthcare team. Imagine their doctor writing a prescription for some particular lifestyle change instead of a drug. Now imagine that you're the one who takes that prescription and helps guide them in making that change.

You'll also have access to content the Meducos library which is filled with lifestyle behaviors to match your clients' desired outcomes.


Business management and marketing mentoring will be additional critical factors so you can efficiently and productively run your personal health/wellness business. 

What are the upcoming start dates?

Because this is such a personalized and hands on approach, there is limited availability. A new session will start monthly with a maximum enrollment of 2-4 new fellows per month. The start dates will vary slightly based on instructor and fellow availability. Please make sure you list your ideal start month on your application.

Who will be my instructor?

Dr. Will Blake will be the primary attending instructor. He is the founder of the Meducos Health Institute and has formerly owned, operated, and overseen the management of many doctors in private practice servicing tens of thousands of patients. He has now transitioned into the new field of Lifestyle as Medicine and is pioneering this new critical role of Lifestyle Wellness Practitioners as he hopes to help transform the way healthcare is delivered.

Ready to hustle?

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