Lifestyle is the
Best Medicine

An evidence-based lifestyle clinic
for all the things your doctor can't help you do.

✓ Take Control of Your Health

✓ Optimize Your Physical, Social, and Emotional Wellness

✓ Become the Healthiest You


Your "Lifestyle as Medicine" Specialists

Our focus is the single most important factor in determining your level of health:

Your personal lifestyle behaviors.


It's what you do that matters most.


We are your Health & Wellness Guide, helping you succeed in creating the lifestyle behavior changes your Health Care Provider wants you to make but doesn't have the time to coach you through. 

Our purpose: To help you optimize your physical, social, and emotional health in a convenient and effective way by helping you adjust your lifestyle. 

How are we different?

• We combine physical, social, and emotional health in our approach. 

• You'll be an active participant rather than a passive observer in achieving your goals.

Our focus is not on what you take, but on what you do for your health. We don't prescribe you medication, we reduce your need for it. 

• You keep your Health Care Provider and we work with them (if you want). They help you when you're sick, we help you to be healthy

• We aren't an insurance-covered service. That means no hassle and no oversight from a big organization that cares less about you and more about big profits. 


How it Works

We don't replace your Health Care Provider, we do what they can't: spend the time with you and provide you with the necessary tools to do the single most important thing you can for your health, adjust your lifestyle.

1. Send us your referral (Optional)
Have your Health Care Provider submit a referral or prescription for Lifestyle Wellness.
1. Schedule a free consultation
No cost, no obligation.
2. Choose your plan
Once you have your free assessment, you can sit done with us to discuss which of our services are right for you.
4. Implement and achieve
Once you've chosen your wellness plan, you'll be contacted by us to coordinate how you'll get started in executing your course of action.