Lifestyle Wellness Coach Certification

At the completion of this course you become certified as a Lifestyle Wellness Coach by the Meducos Health Institute allowing you to coach your clients using The Meducos Method, the most comprehensive and successful way to change lifestyle behaviors. In this 12 week live course you will gain the knowledge, skills, and credibility to put your clients through the life changing Health Transformation Process. In addition to learning the processes and methods of this program, you will also be taught the Meducos Relationship Development Process which will enable you to have a consistent stream of clients through developing meaningful team based relationships with other health/wellness professionals who refer clients to your practice because of the exceptional value you provide to them and their clients/patients.


For health and wellness professionals who want to expand their business by using evidence-based programs for their clients and by securing quality recurrent referral sources. 

Lifestyle Wellness Coach Certification

  • This course is taught in 12 weekly live sessions through an online platform.


    These sessions will be 90-120 minutes long.


    Please signify the starting date for the course you want to enroll in upon purchase. 


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