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Resilience Score

Please read the following statements. To the right of each you will find seven numbers. Click the circle next to the number that best indicates your feelings about the statement. The numbers range from "1" (Strongly Disagree) on the left to "7" (Strongly Agree) on the right. For example, if you disagree with a statement, click "1". If you are neutral, click "4", and if you strongly agree, click "7".








Strongly Disagree


Somewhat Disagree

Neither Agree Nor Disagree

Strongly Agree


Somewhat Agree

1. I usually manage one way or another.

2. I feel proud that I have accomplished things in life.

3. I usually take things in stride.

4. I am friends with myself.

5. I feel that I can handle many things at a time.

6. I am determined.

7. I can get through difficult times because I have experienced difficulty before.

8. I have self-discipline.

9. I keep interested in things.

10. I can usually find something to laugh about.

11. My belief in myself gets me through hard times.

12. In an emergency, I'm someone people can generally rely on.

13. My life has meaning.

14. When I'm in a difficult situation, I can usually find my way out of it.



Try again. Entry must be a whole number between 14 and 98.

*Note: You must be a site member to record this to be able to compare it to future assessments.

To record this score to be able to compare it to your scores in the future, please enter and submit your score and today's date here:

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