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Why enroll?

The physiologic and mental effects of stress over time can cause severe physical and mental symptoms that can lead to chronic disease, burnout, and mental illness. The key to overcoming or managing stress is to build resilience. This ability to recover quickly from stress is critical in the fight to achieving physical and mental wellness. 

What is it?

A self-paced training that can be completed in about 10-15 minutes of your time each day. Through daily learning and doing, you will take simple yet powerful steps on your path to achieving health. You will be supported by peers who are also enrolled in the program and by Dr. Will Blake as well. In just 6 weeks you'll develop the basic tools and skills required to live a resilient life.

Who can enroll?

This resilience training program is available to registered Meducos Health Institute members only. This free membership gives you access to additional Meducos content and is required to enroll in any of the Meducos programs. Admittance into the Resilience Training program is limited and therefore also requires an additional short enrollment process. 

Program Overview




You must first become a Meducos Health Institute member. Becoming a member will allow you to access restricted pages and also allow you to enroll in specific programs like the Resilience Training Program. You can become a member for free by clicking the login button at the top of the page.) How do I know if I'm a member?


As part of becoming a member, you will be asked to verify your email prior to activation of your membership. Sometimes this email will not appear in your inbox and will show up in a "spam" or "all mail" folder. Please check these folders if it does not appear in your inbox within a few minutes.

You will receive an email confirming your membership. In this email you will also be allowed to directly link to the program enrollment, or you can find the link below.


Using the link sent via email or from this section, enroll in the program.

You will receive another email confirming your enrollment has been processed. 

Please note: You may not have full access to the Community and Day Program sections until this has been processed. This can take up to 24 hours after you submit your enrollment.


Get to work! Once you are enrolled, check-in on your start date to receive further guidance. You will use the Training Program as a dashboard and follow the link to Program Day 1 on your first day. Before then feel free to browse the unlocked content in preparation to your starting the program.

Getting Started




The Resilience Training Program is where you should check in at least daily. Bookmark the program page so it is easier for you to find as you work the program each day. This page will act as your dashboard for the remainder of the program. On this page you will complete your daily recording and you will find the link to the Program Day you are to be completing. 


Work through each program day. On your dashboard you will find the links to each program day. Here you will be given actions for what to do for the day.


Engage in the community. Peer support has been shown to dramatically increase success rates. Helping others along the way as well as receiving support is critical to maximizing your efforts. You are not alone in your challenges and in your desire to achieve health. For this reason, you are highly encouraged (not required) to be active in the community forum.

Working the Program
Additional Resources & Support



Implementing Personal and Classroom Routines
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Classroom Routines.png


You'll find additional support material and tools on the Meducos YouTube channel.

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We want to make this program as easy as possible with the resources available. The program is intended to be easy to navigate, however we recognize there can always be a need for additional help. If you have questions, first go to the Community section and see if your question has already been answered.


If you can't find your answer there, please feel free to contact me directly via text messaging, email, or social media.

Will Blake



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Program Assistance
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