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  • For those private practices affected most by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    15 min


Use one of the following ways to reduce the cost of


2. Get a 25% Referral Discount

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use the coupon code you received from your Health Care Provider or other referral source at checkout

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3. Sign up to do your sessions with friends or family.

(see the program pricing for enrolling with others below)

Take advantage of one of the key ways to increase accountability by enrolling with others and save money at the same time.

Best pricing.

Best results.

Each person enrolling will purchase one of the group programs.  Encounter sessions will be held as a group.

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All programs are 12 weeks long and prices listed are for the entire program.

For maximum value, your 25% Referral Discount is applied with your coupon code on checkout.

To choose the best program:

1st. Determine your level of desired assistance.

2nd. Choose if you will participate by yourself, or with one or two others in your group. (People chosen by you.)

*It is highly recommended that you go through the program with

one or two close friends or family members.



25 minute encounter sessions

every other week. 


25 minute encounter sessions

every week. 


25 minute encounter sessions

every week.

Daily contact via phone or text messaging 5 days a week.

One person per session (*pricing is for the entire 12 week program)

Two people per session (*pricing is for the entire 12 week program)