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 Shantell Thaxton

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Specialty: The interactions between thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and behaviors.


Meducos Certified: YES


Accepting Clients: YES

Free Resources: 


The Pursuing Perspective Podcast 


About me: 

  • Founder of Pursuing Perspective and The Warrior Project

  • Host of The Pursuing Perspective Podcast

  • Author of Victim to Victor and The 12 Steps for Recovery from Adversity, Trauma, and Abuse

  • Trained in the Transcovery Process

  • Certified national trainer and presenter in the science of reading and motivation

My Health Interests: 

I believe in living life with intention and purpose. I seek healing, growth, and truth. No, I pursue them. My intention is to share my insights, truths, and methods as I too pursue progression. My deepest desire is to help others along their journey as I travel mine…to contribute to the greater whole and leave things better than I find them.

Favorite Quote:

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I Teach for Meducos

Changing Your Beliefs

How using the TEBB model will help transform your life by taking advantage of the interactions between thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and beliefs. 

This course is still being created.

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