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Solutions in challenging times.

Helping you so you can keep helping your patients.

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Who is this for? 

Private practice doctors and owners seeking to replace lost income during the COVD-19 shutdown. 

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The 3 Rules for Business Survival

*as stated in Harvard Business Review, April 2013

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1. Better before cheaper

Compete on differentiators other than price.

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2. Revenue before cost

Prioritize increasing revenue over reducing costs.

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3. There are no other rules


So change anything you must to follow Rules 1 and 2.

Who is Dr. Blake?


Dr. Will Blake has been involved in the business of medicine for 27 years. He received his undergraduate degree in Economics and then went to medical school in Chicago. After completing a surgical residency with fellowship training, he started as an associate in a small orthopedic practice. Wanting to own his personal private practice, he purchased a single physician practice and grew it by 600% making it one of the top private practices in the country. While opening additional offices and managing other physicians, he also started consulting and teaching other physicians the secrets of his success. He retired from private practice to start a national medical practice management company.


Because of the current challenges faced by private practice physicians during the COVID-19 shutdown, he is volunteering much of his time to helping private practices survive and thrive so they can continue to provide the much needed help to the patients and communities they serve. 

"First there is a mountain,

then there is no mountain,

then there is."

- Chinese Proverb







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